2019-06-15 Living with Cancer Day 833

Today was a bad day, it started with not sleeping during the night and as the morning neared stomach cramps and pains took over. It turned out that all this pain and discomfort came from be constipated for 3 days, a side effect of the medication. I stayed in bed until about 10:30 when I suddenly was able to have that needed bow movement. However, my stomach cramps did not go away and overall I felt crummy so I stayed in bed until noon.

I got up at lunchtime and went downstairs to rest in my recliner. Dianne and Denise went out to get lunch which I was able to eat. However, my overall condition stayed the same, light stomach cramps and the crummy feeling remained for most of the day.

I had hoped to write this report as I was resting but instead dozed on and off for most of the afternoon. I just did not have the energy to pick up my laptop and start writing this entry.

At 5:00 clock, I did go out for a walk with Dean, my Oxygen Saturation (SpO2) levels was good, all day long, as was my heart rate. Energy wise it seems the weekend right after my all-day chemo treatment turns out to be bad days.

That’s it for today, all around it was not a good day, the toll of the good days caught up with me.