2019-06-17 Living with Cancer Day 835

Today was a so-so day, my sleep has improved, almost back to the normal pattern. Around 4:00 my stomach did not feel too good, so I took a Zofran. Because of the change in schedule for my Voriconazole Antibiotics, I got up at 7:00 to have completed my breakfast and take my morning medication by 8:00. After 8:00 I prepared for my morning walk using the Portable Oxygen Concentrator. Halfway through the preparation, I broke out in heavy sweat that lasted just be for starting our walk.

It takes quite a bit to get ready to walk with the portable unit. For starters, I have to put on sunscreen (50+) because of the medication I take and the UV level will be above 2 at the start and by the end of the walk be above 3. Next is to put on the Nasal Cannula, which in my case is a special version that has adjustable arms since the standard version slips of my ears all the time. After the Nasal Cannula, the next item is the nose mask and the item is to attach the unit to the walker. This being the first time we use this unit, it took some time.

The walk with the unit on the walker was working fine. Starting off the Oxygen Saturation Level (OSL) was 97% on a setting of 2 liters per minute. It dropped to 92% as I started to walk and received oxygen. However halfway through the walk, the level had dropped below 90%. After resting and getting the level back to 94% I increased the flow rate to 3L/min, it helped to keep the walking level around 90-92%. Since during the initial test the level did not drop that much, I will use tomorrow the standard Nasal Cannula to make sure there is no problem with the headset version.

Returning home, Dean and I stayed at my place for about an hour talking about many topics, but mostly about basketball, including the Warriors, Raptors and Lakers. Other topics were our health condition and stupid topics that caught our eyes in the news.

After Dean left I arrange the setup for our walk tomorrow before I rested with the plan to do some email responses but dozed of only to wake up in time for lunch.

After lunch, I rested again since my energy level was very low however my OSL was fine, around 95%. Again I dozed off instead of doing the online work I wanted to work. I finally snap out of it around 4:00 to at least write this blog entry.

That’s it for today, all around it was a so-so day, thanks to the low energy level which is part of the bad days over the weekend.