2019-06-18 Living with Cancer Day 836

Today was another so-so day, as to my sleep is back to the normal pattern. I again got up at 7:00 to have completed my breakfast and take my morning medication by 8:00. This morning I did not sweat much as I prepared for my morning walk. I ran into some problem during my walk, using the Portable Oxygen Concentrator, in that my Oxygen Saturation Level was not getting above 92%, requiring more to have more stops to rest. The reason was that one of my nostrils was plugged up. After my walk, I rested with oxygen for about 5 minutes which got my levels back up. After lunch, I went for some hydration at the cancer center helping to bring my energy level back.

There is not much more to report, I was able to have the hydration during the support group meeting. After the meeting, Dianne and I went to Lowe’s to get a replacement handle for our toilet and some large clamps to hold the Oxygen Concentrator on the walker. I got to ride their electric cart around.

Getting back home I fixed the toilet, which took more energy than I anticipated. I rested afterward and took some oxygen for about 5 minutes to get my Oxygen Saturation Level back up.

Since it was dinner time, I stayed in my recliner and started to work on this posting. That’s it for today, it was all around a so-so day learning to understand how and when to use the Oxygen Concentrator.