2019-06-19 Living with Cancer Day 836

Today was a good day, starting with a night of good sleep. I am now used to the new daily schedule that starts at 7:00 am with completing my breakfast and taking my morning medication by 8:00 am. Sweating was not an issue today, there was very little lasting only for 15 minutes. Overall my Oxygen Saturation Level stayed around 95% during resting and inside small activities, like making breakfast, dropping down to 92% for bigger ones.

Since Wednesdays are Dean’s off day, I walked alone on a shorter route along the sidewalk to the right and left side of the house. Yesterday’s problem of my Oxygen Saturation Level not getting above 92%, was a problem since my one nostrils are no longer plugged up. After my walk, I rested with oxygen for about 5 minutes which got my levels back up.

After lunch, I rested and got ready for my Follow-up meeting with Dr. Tong, who covered, my primary Dr. Choi who is on vacation. It was a good meeting taking away that I need to drink at least one liter of Body Hydration (2 bottles) in addition to the 64 oz of fluid (water). We did receive yesterday the sample case of Body Armor.

I started my routine which since it was dinner time, I stayed in my recliner and started to work on this posting. That’s it for today.