2019-06-20 Living with Cancer Day 837

Today was a good day, it started off with a small problem after having finished my breakfast and taking my morning medication by 8:00 am. Sweating was not an issue until I started to look for my glasses, it took me 45 minutes before I found them in a place that I have never placed them before. The activity to look everywhere which meant walking everywhere throughout the house, got me sweating. Because of the delay in getting ready for my walk, we did not start our walk until 9:15. Overall my Oxygen Saturation Level stayed around 95% during resting and inside small activities, like making breakfast, dropping down to 92% for bigger ones. During the walk is was between 90-92%, recovery to 95% after resting.

After our walk, Dean and I did a bit of shopping getting some Bodyarmor Electrolyte Sports Superdrink so that I can follow Dr. Tong suggestion to drink at least 2 bottles a day. Today I drank the first bottle before my morning walk and the second after lunch, when normally my energy goes down, especial today when I did not only prepare my own lunch but also did some unloading, stocking, and rearranging of the items in the refrigerator and pantry. I noticed an improvement in energy during my walk and a bit after lunch. However a sample of one day is not a good test, we will get back to this one sometime next week.

I did a bit of resting after lunch, watching in the background Canada vs Netherland (1:2) and the USA vs Sweden (2:0). We left early for dinner at Foster’s and dessert at DQ Denise’s Birthday wish.

It was a bit late returning home to start writing today’s blog entry. That’s it for today, tomorrow morning I have an early appointment at Quest Laboratory for another trough test.