2019-06-21 Living with Cancer Day 838

Today was a very good day, it started off with getting up early at 6:00 to have breakfast at Denny’s before getting to the Quest Laboratory at 7:45 for the trough test at 8:00. I got back home by 8:15 to get ready for my morning walk with Dean. Because I was ready at 8:45 and Dean was outside doing some grass trimming we started off early with our walk to beat the heat. Overall we had a good walk, we got a bit faster than yesterday for the same route by about 10 minutes. The Oxygen Saturation Levels look good, 95% at the start without oxygen, with Oxygen 97%, 30 minutes later at turning point 90%, 2 and 3 minutes later 92%, returning back home at end of walk 92% recovery to 95% within 5 minutes. During the day without Oxygen, it is in the range between 96-98%

After our walk, we went shopping at Lowe’s for some more hardware to hang the Oxygen compressor and water bottle on the walker. We returned just in time for Alice to arrive for lunch and helping with explaining the new ELO treatment. She was aware of my medication (Voriconazole and Bactrim Antioebiotics) since leaving the hospital, the various lab results and explain what I can expect once the ELO treatment starts. She looked at my vitals I have on my iPhone, which looked good, especially for someone like me with not only battle cancer but also a lung disease. Alice also helped me with filing out the Advance Health Care Directive, Advance Care Planning and Physical Order for Life Sustaining Treatment documents.

After Alice left I did a bit of house work putting away some groceries that Dianne brought home. Next, I started to on this blog entry, which I finished after dinner. The evening ended with us watching Elementary which had become a tradition for our Friday evening TV watching.

There is not much more to report about, we watched some TV before calling it a day.