2019-06-22 Living with Cancer Day 839

Today was a excellent day, it started off not to good as I got up late, which required adjusting the time for eating breakfast around taking my Antiobiotics and leaving for the Relay for Life opening ceremony. Dianne figured it out, we were a bit late to arrive at the relay location, but so was the start of the relay.

The opening ceremony was very nice, especially Jamie’s speech, she is volunteering as an organizer for the relay and working for Epic Care. After the opening ceremony, it was time to start the relay with the first walk around the running track, led by the survivors. I started being close to the front walkers, by the time I reached the end of the 400-meter track I was the last walking survivor, which did not stop the cheering bystanders to encourage me to go on.

After having reached the end I went with Dianne to the Survivor Room, resting. My Oxygen Saturation Levels look good, 95% at the start, it dropped during the walk below 90% I, therefore, increased the flow rate from two liters to three liters, which got the level up to 93%. Sitting down in the Survivor Room it took about 15 minutes for the level to reached 97%. I turned the oxygen off with the level dropping to 95%, which remains that way for the duration being in the Survivor Room.

During the walk and in the room we ran into many members of the cancer support group, Mark, Mike, Linda, and others I can’t recall their names. It was great to be together for a while. Mike joined my table with Dianne having some interesting chats before we played 3 rounds of BINGO. This was my first time I played BINGO, I never have played the game which is surprising with Dianne’s mother was always playing it, even when we stayed at her place for a few Day, the online joining her was Dianne. The first game winner was Dianne. Our table was a lucky table as we had 3 winners.

After the BINGO games, it was lunchtime. The volunteers served us our preordered lunch, which in my case was a small cup of macaroni salad and a half Ham and Cheese sandwich. Dianne went to get corn-on-the-cob for everyone, which by the way, she loves it so much she ate 2 by the time we left to go home. Before we actually started our trip back home, we stop and listen to Project 4 Band playing some 60th music.

Getting home had not much energy left, I was able to help to put away a few things that we had taken, however, it was time for me to rest and drink something that has electrolytes. I was lucky that I had some Powerade left that did the trick to get me back up to a good 94% level settling for the rest of the day around 95%.

Normally I end this with “There is not much more to report about“, today I could mention the modification I made, with the help of Dianne, to the walker to hang the Oxygen Concentrators, or the photos Dianne took during the relay and sending them via text message to everyone and responses she got in return. Bottom line, it was a excellent day, which says it all.

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  1. Hi Klaus,

    So glad you had an “excellent” day yesterday, doing enjoyable things. We continue to pray for you to recover your strength and get back to those long walks.



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