2019-06-23 Living with Cancer Day 839

Today was another excellent day, and it started off as planned. We had an early start getting up at 7:00 with no dizziness or stomach issues. Dianne prepared a good breakfast which I eat and finished before 8:00. This gave us that hour, 8:00-9:00, of no eating which is a requirement to take my Antiobiotics. After 8:00 we started to get ready for us to leave to go to IKEA in Emeryville after 9:00. We took my modified walker with the Oxygen Concentrators which we had to check if it fits into our new car. We left as planned around 9:00 with no problem.

I was able to walk through IKEA’s showrooms without using my oxygen, which was very good. The distance was a bit longer than yesterday’s Relay for Life walk, however, today’s walk was much slower with many stops looking at their products. By the time we were done, Denise did all the shopping/buying, it was close to lunch time. We decided to have lunch at Fuddruckers in Walnut Creek.

After lunch, we did a detour to do some more shopping at Home Goods, Party City and T.J.Maxx. I walked through Home Goods to find a good chair to sit down to rest and wait until the shopping was done.

By the time we got back home, it was time for me to rest and drink some BodyAmour for hydration. For the rest of the afternoon and early evening, I rested writing this report and watching a movie and some TV.

That’s it for today, in summary, I had another excellent day, which says it all.