2019-06-24 Living with Cancer Day 841

Today was a good day. We had an early start with no dizziness or stomach issues. The reason for the early start was a scheduling issue, with me having a 10:00 appointment. By getting up at 7:00 I had enough time for getting dressed, and having a good breakfast, and got ready for our walk, all before 8:00. The morning walk was a good, no problem, we added a half block one way, making it one block and it took us 45 minutes as before. Getting back home I rested for a bit before getting ready for Dean to pick me up for my 10:00 Chemo Teach.

The Chemo Tech was all about the new treatment, Empliciti (ELO). The side effects are similar to my current treatment. BTW, the complete treatment is Empliciti in combination with Pomalyst® (pomalidomide) and dexamethasone, the last two were part of my current treat. Empliciti is replacing Darzalex (DARA). My first infusion treatment will be this Wednesday, there will be a total of 8 weekly treatments, after that it will be monthly, every 28 days. Interesting enough, the insurance company approved 44 treatments, do the math, that is a supply for 3 years.

After the Chemo Tech Dean picked me up and before taken me home we did a bit of shopping at Walmart. By the time I returned it was lunchtime. During lunch I watched the some Women’s World Cup games, the USA beat Spain 2:1 and Canada losing to Sweden 1:0.

For most of the afternoon, I tried to figure out why I could not add my secondary iCloud mail account to my preferred 3rd party mail app. Having found an article on Apple’s Support site, which I am followed, I was advised at the end of completing all steps that the final step can’t be done until 27 June, after receiving a notice from Apple. Guess I have to wait.

As the afternoon progressed my stomach did not do too good. I rested, had a very light dinner, started writing this report and watched some TV before calling a day.

That’s it for today, in summary, I had a good day.