2019-06-25 Living with Cancer Day 842

Today was another good day. No problem with starting the day, we changed our starting time for our morning walk from 9:00 to 8:00. Now I get up at 7:00, which gives me enough time for getting dressed, and having a good breakfast, and getting ready for our walk, all before 8:00. Today’s morning walk was a good, no problems at all, Oxygen Saturation Levels look good, 96% at start without oxygen, with Oxygen 98%, 30 minutes later at turning point 90%, 2 and 3 minutes later 94%, returning back home at end of walk 92% recovery to 95% within 5 minutes. During the day without Oxygen, it is in the range between 96-98%. Getting back home I rested for a bit before getting ready for Dean to pick me up to and drop me off at the Cancer Center for the Cancer Support Group meeting at 1:00 PM.

Between the end of the walk and leaving for the Support Group Meeting, I rested a bit, working on a detailed outline of learning about my cancer and the various treatments I underwent. It has become a long-term project since when every I start writing other priority interrupted it. Today I got a portion of the outline done, the only interruption was preparing lunch and eating. After lunch, I got ready for Dean to pick me up.

The Cancer Support Group was a very good meeting with some of us actually staying a bit longer. Dianne picked me up, after everyone had left, to take me home. Getting back home I helped a little bit to unload and put things away. After that I rested, writing this posting and watching some TV in the background.

There is not much to write about, I had my dinner at our usual time, around 5:00 PM, afterward I finished writing this posting. That’s it for today, in summary, I had a good day.