2019-06-28 Living with Cancer Day 845

Today was another good day. No change to my new morning ritual. However, some changes to my health-related issues, I needed to take Zofran for my stomach uneasiness and Meclizine for the dizziness and on the positive side, there was no sweating. As to my oxygen, I noticed that I breath-in with small times, but no lack of oxygen-related of short breath. It is listed as a side effect to the new chemo treatment. The shorter intakes only happened when being active when walking or extended activities like fixing something standing up.

The morning walk was good, so were the Oxygen Saturation Levels. 97% at the start without oxygen, with Oxygen 98%, dropping not lower than 92% during the walk, at the end of walk 95% recovery to 97% within 5 minutes. During the day without Oxygen, it is in the range between 95% to 97%. We did not add any further distance today, instead, we were able to walk a bit faster, ending the same distance in 5 minutes less. It could have been that the temperature was lower than before, only 68F.

After getting back home and resting for a short time, I added another modification to my walker, using a belt with a water bottle holder and a small pouch with 3 pockets, one main pocket 6×6 inches, with two identical smaller pockets on the front of the main pocket. The bottle holder is separate but detachable and can hold a 24oz bottle with not a problem.

After a short break, I did some kitchen stuff, like rearranging the fridge’s inside. After that, I got ready for lunch with my ex-Premenos friends. Today’s topic was talking about e-Cars, their battery charging issues, lifetime, disposals, driving range and cost vs gas powered cars. It was a very interesting topic. BTW, we watched some of the Women’s World Cup game between the USA playing France, they left before the game was over, not a problem for me I watch it to the end, Dianne came home to see the last 15 minutes. The USA won the game 2:1. The next step for the USA will be playing England in the Semifinals on Tuesday.

After the game ended, I started to work on this posting, but got interrupted to look at our new Bona Mop Cartridge. It was time to remove the Cartridge for the first time to refill it. The problem was that the release button would not its job, releasing the cartage. After both, Dianne and I tried any which way to get the Botton to its task, it was time to disassemble the unit. After having done so I manually move the release button, since it was somehow jammed during the first assembly. I was able not only to remove the cartridge but also fixed the release mechanism that the cartridge can be removed easily using the release button. By the end of fixing the Bona Mop’s release problem, my energy was way down having worked in an upright position with bending over too much for about an hour.

It was time to rest again to get the kinks out of my neck. The rest allowed me to continue working on this posting, there was however not much time before dinner, which Denise brought home, Salad. After dinner, we watch the TV show “Elementary” which allowed me to finally this posting and watch some more V until it was time to end a good day.