2019-06-30 Living with Cancer Day 847

Today was NOT a good day. The day started off as planned, no issues with our new morning routine, except no morning walk on Sunday. The last few days I did not encounter any lower back pain, and my shoulder pain was at a lower level. Today, I woke up with some lower back pain and my shoulder pain was at a higher level, not high enough to take some Dilaudid.
After breakfast, I rested to get some relief for the pain. Dianne and I left around 10:15 for the theater to see Yesterday. It was a good comedy movie, if you like the Beatles’ Music, go and see the movie.

So far things were good, but walking up to the top row, which is our preferred seating location, took quite a bit of energy out of me. My energy level slowly recovered. However, halfway through the movie, my stomach acted up and my lower back and shoulder pain returned. The theater seat was not very comfortable to find a position that would help in reducing, if not eliminating, the pain.

After the movie ended it was time to walk down, that was when the trouble got worse. I was running low on energy and my oxygen was at the lower limit, I needed Dianne to help me walking down the stairs. Once outside I sat down on a chair so that Dianne could get the van closer to me. Arriving back home I laid down in my recliner with some oxygen. By dinner time my system was almost back to normal, good enough to eat, and continue to work on this article.

After dinner, we watch some TV which allowed me to finalize this posting and watch some more TV until it was time to call it a day.