2019-07-05 Living with Cancer Day 852

Today was a BETTER day. The day started long before 9:00 PM the evening before with illegal fireworks that finally ended around 2:00 AM. In between I dozed a few times, before getting some sleep when the fireworks finally ended. Some fireworks were not what we would expect such as shooting stars, they were just noise markers, some as loud as a grenade that was heard miles away.

I got up at 6:50 to start my morning routine with no problem. As to my intense tingle in my left leg from the toe unto past my hip, it was present at a very low level, almost undetectable. BTW, I stop taking Ibuprofen since it is wrong for me to self-diagnose. Dianne reminded me that Ibuprofen is counter to the blood thinners I take. There are other medication that may interfere with. I will report the issue to my doctor and let her figure out what it may be

Our morning walk with Dean started on time becoming the ultimate test for the wheel modification. The new wheels did their job, no more sudden stopping because of some small stones got under the smaller wheels. Because of the better ride, less energy was required to push the walker. Carsten did not join us because he came home late from the Fireworks Show downtown Antioch.

The walk was fine, the CO2 levels were very good, especially after the end at 97% and about 20 minutes before going down to 95%.

After resting a bit Dieter and I went upstairs to my office to sort out my many cabinet drawers. We created three categories, KEEP, GOOD FOR OTHERS and GARBAGE. The Keep items were sorted to groups alike and put in to the drawers again with a label at the front. The Good for others, will be donated to any of the organizations that regularly come by to pick up such materials. All Garbage item will be dropped off at the special recycle center since it has toxic components in it that require special recycling handling. We were done just around lunchtime.

After lunch, it was family time, watching kid friendly movies with Carsten. We had an early dinner so that Dieter and Carsten could leave afterward for their drive back to Valencia (LA). For me it was time to start writing this blog entry.

After Dieter and Carsten had left, we started to settled down since it does take more energy to host guests, especially family members. Regardless we love have family visiting us. After that I retired to my recliner to finish writing this posting and continued to watch TV until it was time to retire.