2019-07-09 Living with Cancer Day 855

Today was not a good day. I got up around 6:50 to start my morning routine, and like yesterday, after getting up I was hit by dizziness, stomach aches, sweating and shortness of breath. I took some oxygen to overcome the shortness of breath. At 8:00 Dean and I went for our walk. As I mentioned before the portable oxygen concentrator only pushes O2 out into the nose when it detects me breathing in. I have always been a mouth breather. It takes me some effort to remember, also when talking, the mouth is the main input for the O2. These two handicaps make it harder to walk outside, forcing me to stop a few times to take in some O2.

Getting back home, I started up the big oxygen concentrator to get some constant flow of oxygen. Since my energy level was low, I went to my recliner to relax and get my energy level back up. After 30 minutes I stopped using oxygen which helped me with getting some of my energy back. For the next two hours, I stayed in my recliner watching some TV since I just did not have the urge to work on anything.

Shortly before noon, it was time for lunch. After lunch, I got ready for Dean taking me to the cancer support group meeting. I actually did not feel like going to the meeting since my system was still causing me some problems. However, I decided to go.

The meeting was a good one, we mostly talk about what happened during the week past. Members share any issues they may have or what treatment is scheduled. We have become a very close-knit group, revealing personal information that stays inside the group. We support each other whenever possible.

After the meeting, Dianne picked me up to go home. At home I returned to my recliner to rest, getting my energy back. I started to write this blog entry finishing it just in time before dinner. Not much happened for the rest of the day, we had dinner at our usual time and continued to relax and watch some more TV until it was time to retire.