2019-07-10 Living with Cancer Day 856

Today was a SO-SO day. I got up around 6:50 to start my morning routine, and again like the last few days after getting up I was hit by dizziness, stomach aches, sweating and shortness of breath. I took some oxygen to over come the shortness of breath. However, as the morning progressed the shoulder pain became too much, I decided to take a Dilaudid pill.

Today was my All-day Chemo Treatment day, which means sitting in a recliner for 5-6 hours. Since the treatment started at 9:00, Dean picked me up at 8:45. In addition to the treatment plan, I also received some hydration.

There is not much to report on my All-Day-Chemo-Treatment. After reporting to the RN changes related to the treatment, with some analyses, are this side effects from the medication or part of cancer itself. Today I mention the consistent pain in both of my shoulders, stretching down to the arm pit. When turning to either the right or left side, the pain spikes on the opposite side. Turning left, the right side hurts and turning right, the right side hurts, the reason for me taking the

Since my Platelets count was the same as last week, we did not stop the Pomalyst (Chemo Pill). This is the first time that I will have taken the full cycle of 21 pills. Next week we will know what this means when we look at the numbers again. In a few days we will also get the Myeloma Table data.

As I said above, there is not much to write about on Chemo Treatment Day. The infusion went as planed and afterward I got some hydration before Dianne picked me up to go home.

Back at home I returned to my recliner to rest, getting my energy back. I started to write this blog entry finishing it soon after dinner. Not much happened for the rest of the day, we had dinner at our usual time and continued to relax and watch some more TV until it was time to retire.