2019-07-11 Living with Cancer Day 857

Today was a better day. I got up around 6:30 to start my morning routine early since ED a Docent college was joining my walk with Dean at 8:00. I had some light dizziness very little stomach ache but lots of sweating. In preparation to not have my shoulder plate’s pain get out of control, I decided to take a Dilaudid (8 mg) with my morning breakfast as it did yesterday. I was the only time took it, I could take it every 8 hours, but decided against it. Like yesterday relaxing in the recliner or being in bed did not drive the pain in to a high pain level. BTW, my Fentanyl Patches will be increased by another 50 mg that should take care of the shoulder pain.

As to the day, I had German toast with blueberry jam for breakfast before the 8:00 deadline. Lucky, by 7:50 the sweating had stop, but it was replaced by my nose starting to run without stopping to run, it slowed us down a bit. Ed and Dean came at 8:00 for our walk, it took us 50 minutes, just enough time to take my 9:00 antibiotics. Dean had to go home to do some shopping and dropping off stuff.

Ed stayed until 10:15. We had a very good conversation about of families’ changes since our last chat. We also talked about Big Break where we serve as Docents. They have a Photo Contest which Ed wants me to enter one of my many park photos, deadline is 4th August, I am thinking about it. After Ed left, I cleaned up a bit, and resting until lunchtime.

Today was my first day after Wednesday’s All-day Chemo Treatment day, which normally means two good days followed by two bad days. The two days some times turn out to be three days. We will find out if this cycles will repeat the pattern.

I had to do some cleanup of my laptop because the CPU got very hot. The cause was Firefox using most of the systems resources. Checking up on it I noticed that there were many windows open with many tabs. After working to minimize the windows and tabs to either delete, combine or move tabs around the CPU got back to normal temperature, it did also help to have am external fan to be put underneath the laptop running some cooler air to the bottom of the laptop.

During the cleanup I landed on the page of my Orbi (Ultra-Performance Whole Home Mesh Wi-Fi System) home page, informing me I missed 3 updates. I started the update, it down loaded the new firmware and selected to update. The time was right since I was the only one in the house and needed not to watch TV. I was informed that it would take about 5 minutes per router and each of my two satellites. 30 minutes later, nothing happened. The only internet access I had was on those devises original counted too. It took me until dinner time to get the system back before the update using the iPhone app. I did have a FaceTime call with Kenji since my Laptop satellite was the first unit to be fixed.

After dinner started to write today’s blog entry and continued to relax and watch some more TV until it was time to retire.