2019-07-12 Living with Cancer Day 858

Today was almost good day. I change my morning routine to start at 6:45 instead of 7:00. The extra 15 minutes eliminate the rush to be ready for the start of the morning walk. Getting up I had some light dizziness, very little stomach ache, but lots of sweating. Today my shoulder pain was very low so instead of taking in preparation to not have my shoulder plate’s pain get out of control, I went back to take two Tylenol instead of Dilaudid. It turned out that the Tylenol did work.

Today’s walk was one of the best, I needed no rest stops, except as planed at the half-way mark. At the end of our 0.8 mile (1.29 km) walk I was not short of breath. Things start to look better.

After our walk Dean started to work on the walker’s wheels, the left side one’s wheel got loose because of the nut turning in the direction to loosen it. We use our garage as the workshop. The 5-minute job turned out to become a 2-hour job. I assisted by resting in my folding camping chair. The resting part was more of sitting down for a while before getting up and finding the right tool or hardware, not to mention talking it over how to stabilize both wheels. We finally figured it out. In between the work, I had a FaceTime call with Ray, we had not talk for some time because of my time in the hospital. The 2 hours of rest actually was a mixture of rest and activities. I would sum it up, that I almost overdone it.

After cleaning up the garage, I went inside to get ready for the Friday lunch with the “boys”. Being a bit short breathed I took on some oxygen as I prepared my lunch, Tomato with Rice Soup. Since the soup was very hot I left it in the kitchen and sad down in my recliner waiting for Bill and Greg to arrive. Both were 20 minutes late, which helped me by removing the oxygen. After both have arrived I was about to get my soup, but Bill surprised me by serving me before I could get up.

Today Greg started a political discussion that got Bill and me to square up with him and after about an hour+ off of discussion it was time for them to leave, get back to work. I spend some time setting up my walker after we had fix the wheel problem. In addition, I also cleanup the oxygen tubing, getting the mail and cleaning up my sitting corner. I was about to start writing today’s blog, when Dianne came home. I went into the garage to see if there was anything I could do to help, but there was nothing.

I went back to rest and start on the blog entry. It was getting hard to concentrate as my system wanted to doze off. It became a battle between me wanting to write and the system to put me down to sleep. I was able to finish it just as Denise came home for dinner.

This was the second day after the Chemo treatment on Wednesday, which was not a bad day, following the pattern that was established during the DARA Treatment and was also valid for the first two ELO treatment cycles. The bad news, the next 2 to 3 days of the pattern are bad days. Let’s hope the pattern will be broken tomorrow.

After dinner, we watch some TV to relax before it was time to retire for the day.