2019-07-13 Living with Cancer Day 859

Today was a mixture of good and bad. It started at 2:00 AM when going to the bathroom I noticed dizziness and stomach aches, but delayed taking the medication for it until 4:00 AM, the normal time I take it for preparation to have both system under control when I get up and help me with my morning walk and other activities. Getting up I had the usual light dizziness, very little stomach ache, and some sweating. However, my shoulder pain was above normal, in preparation to not have my shoulder plate’s pain get out of control, I took two Tylenol which in the past did the trick. It turned out that the Tylenol did not do it this time.

Today’s walk was the opposite to yesterday’s, it was one of the worst walks. As I started my shoulder pain went up, and my nose started to run without stopping. I needed to stop constantly to clean my nose, which did not help with my oxygen intake and the shoulder pain. Instead of walking the full course, we turned around at our old halfway point and got back home. Dean was a great help to make sure that I stopped when needed to have enough oxygen intake. I would not have been able to do it by myself.

Getting back home Dean stayed with me, having started the stand-alone oxygen concentrator providing me with continuing O2 flow. It helped me with air intake right-away. Dianne arrived back from her grocery shopping, about 10 minutes later, to get and update on my status and the reason behind it. By the time we got that done, it was time for my antibiotics to be taken, and for me to get into the recliner to rest and see if the pain levels will come done. Finally, some good news by lunchtime the shoulder pain and lower back pain were at the normal acceptable levels.

For lunch, Denise served me with the second half of yesterday’s Tomato with Rice Soup and a slice of toasted German Rye Bread to test my stomach – Good news, I passed.

I went back to rest and started to go through my emails from over the last few days that I had ignored. I started to have a hard time to concentrate, in addition to dozing off a few times. The afternoon was none productive dealing with the side effects and trying to get some things of my to-do list.

I was able to get this blog entry done after our dinner. This was the third day after the Chemo treatment on Wednesday, which following the pattern that was established during the DARA Treatment. As per that pattern today should have been very bad day, however, it was not a bad day, since today had good and bad moments, and none of the high uncontrollable high pain levels.

On the positive side, I got today the results for the Immunoglobulins Igg Iga Igm and Protein Electrophoresis Serum tests. All number improved, especially the m-spike 0.9 from 1.1 and Immunoglobulins Iga dropped from 1088 to 888. The later getting closer to the 450 count. It looks like that the new Empliciti (ELO) treatment is doing a better job than anticipated. The next two treatments should tell us.

After dinner, we watch some TV to relax before it was time to retire for the day.