2019-07-14 Living with Cancer Day 860

Today was a not a bad day, it was almost a good day. Being Sunday, I did not have to rush getting things going. Getting up I had the usual light dizziness, very little stomach ache, and some unusual high level of sweating. As to my shoulder pain it was at the normal level, I do however, in preparation to not have my shoulder plate’s pain get out of control, take two Tylenol, which keep it at an acceptable level.

After my upstairs morning routine, I went downstairs to have breakfast that Dianne had prepared. Because of my sweating, I did not move around too much until it was under control. After taking my antibiotics, my sweating stopped, so that I could get back using my recliner.

Normally Saturday and Sunday are bad days, following Wednesday’s treatment. Today’s start seemed to indicate that it may just be a regular day with some known side effects. Because of me taking antibiotics, that don’t tolerate sunlight (UV), and the outside temperature is in the high 90th, I stayed inside. It gave me some time to actually make progress in sorting out my laptop setup, especially working on my email configuration. For those that use macOS, I have switched from Apple’s mail to Postbox 6. For the last few years I have tested, in parallel with the Mail app, all macOS Mail apps available, and finally picked Postbox.

After lunch, we relaxed watching the movie Dumbo, had a FaceTime session with Dieter, Carsten and Renee and watch some TV shows until dinner time.

This was the fourth day after Wednesday’s Chemo treatment which for the first time breaks the good day/bad day pattern establish during the DARA Treatment. Instead of 2 good days followed by 2-3 bad days, we have for this cycle 4 days that were mostly good days, never bad days. I don’t want to be over optimistic, but maybe the Empliciti (ELO) treatment is doing better than expected. We will now on Wednesday when we see the platelet count.

After dinner, we watch continued to watch some more TV on Netflix to relax before it was time to retire for the day.