2019-07-19 Living with Cancer Day 865

Today was a great day, it did start off the right way, I took my early Dizziness and stomach setting medication (Zofran) when I woke up around 4:00, which is my early morning activity for as long as I can remember, and it works. In the worst case it lowers both settings when I getup around 7:00 to start my real Morning routine.

Getting up today I had the usual light dizziness, stomach ache, but no sweating. As to my shoulder pain it was at the normal level, I do however, in preparation to not have my shoulder plate’s pain get out of control, take two Tylenol, which keep it at an acceptable level.

After my upstairs morning routine I went downstairs to have a light breakfast, not to tax my stomach and prepared for today’s morning walk. The walk time wise the best, only one stop, at the return point. For now, we will not increase the distance until the time and stops are stable, no further improvements. At that point we will add some distance to it.

Returning home, I rested, took my antibiotics at 9:00 and cleaned up the walker for tomorrow’s workout. I also change my clothing to go to the Cancer Center for a quick CBC blood draw at 10:00. They wanted to make sure the Wednesday one was correct, guess the surprised in the increase to the positive side was too much. Today’s draw had even better numbers. Are we on to something?

Since I felt good after the draw, Dean agreed with me to do some more shopping at WinCo we did not do yesterday. On the way to WinCo we stopped at Food Max. We found nothing he wanted on sale. Getting to WinCo was a better outcome for both of us, since we got what we wanted on sale.

Getting back home it was time for lunch. After lunch, I continued with rearrange my recliner area, which includes a shelf unit, storage box for my backpacks, etc. After having the rearranged the rerouting my power and UBC cables, it was time to test the setup, many appliances are control by Alexa. After that I finally had some time to check my emails that I not deleted during my first quick path in the morning and end of day.

By the time I was done with cleanup, I started to write the first draft of today’s blog posting. Dianne arrived home and got ready to do some garden work in our backyard. I joined her relaxing in the Patio Chaise Lounge. I continued to write this posting. After Dianne was done we both went back into the house as it was dinner time.

In summary, today was a great day, lots of energy, little side effect and very little need for oxygen. After dinner, we watch some TV to relax before it was time to retire for the day.