2019-07-20 Living with Cancer Day 866

Today was a bad day, it did start around 3:00 when I noticed some muscle pain on my right side around the hip and buttocks. I took my early Dizziness and stomach setting medication (Zofran) around 4:00, which is my first morning activity. At that point the hip pain was still there. Trying to change position increased the pain level for a moment.

Getting up I had the usual light dizziness, stomach ache and no sweating. My shoulder pain was at the normal level, and in preparation to not have my shoulder pain get out of control, I took two Tylenol, which keep it at an acceptable level.

The hip pain slowed my upstairs morning routine a bit down, but it was not at a point to stop any activities. I went downstairs to have breakfast that Dianne had prepared. Getting ready for my morning walk with Dean, the pain level increased to the point that I was not sure to go out walking. Since the pain dropped after having put on my walking clothing, I decided to go out walking with Dean in hope to walk-off the muscle pain.

It turned out that the pain was not an issue during the walking. The walk time was the same as yesterday, which was the best with only one stop, at the return point.

Returning home, all hell broke out the moment I change my clothing and tried to get some rested. The pain was so bad that I decided to take my pain breakthrough medication, Dilaudid. It took some time before the medication started to work, reducing the pain level to an acceptable level, but not eliminating it.

However, there was a side effect because of all the pain killing medication I took, the increase in the Fentanyl Patches this week, the two Tylenol pills and the Dilaudid, caused an overload of medication causing me to be in a fogginess type of state. The result being that I was spending the rest of the day in my recliner. I tried to do some things, such as working on my laptop or watching some movies with Dianne and Denise, only to doze off for 15 to 30 minutes intervals. Writing this posting to a long time because of the fogginess and lack of concentration.

In summary, today was bad day, which was a shame since it was our 43rd Anniversary.

2 thoughts on “2019-07-20 Living with Cancer Day 866

  1. Belated Happy 43rd Anniversary Klaus and Diane, even though it was a “bad day.” My prayers are with you.

    1. Thanks! Yes it was a bad day, which is spilling over to today. The good news, Dianne and I are alive and together for our Anniversary weekend.

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