2019-07-23 Living with Cancer Day 869

Today was NOT a good day, compared too yesterday. Getting up my I took note that my pain location and levels did not change a bit from yesterday, a positive sign. After finishing my morning routine, I went downstairs for breakfast.

By the time I had started to prepare my breakfast, things changed, back were my dizziness, stomach cramps and hip pain. I check my vitals which are good, however my health symptoms did not reflect that.

There is not much to write about today, it was a day of rest. I relaxed in my recliner with some music in the background. I also set my timer for 45 minutes after any period of waking up to make sure I did not fall asleep. I did doze off a number of times, but was back up before the alarm rang.

I did try to do some things on my computer’s setup, such as creating a bootable clone should this one break down. I also read/listen to some e-books, but because of my lightheadedness, my concentration was not that good, I dozed of every so often.

In summary, today was NOT a good day, which ended after dinner and us continue watching some TV to relax before it was time to retire for the day.