2019-07-24 Living with Cancer Day 870

Today was a Chemo Treatment day, starting Getting up, I had the usual light dizziness, stomach ache, and sweating. Things changed during my upstairs morning routine, my stomach did not play nice as I had two episodes of dry heaving. Things after that settled down and I went downstairs to have a light breakfast. I rested for bit before getting ready for Dean to drop me off at the Antioch Cancer enter.

Before starting the Chemo treat, I gave some blood for my CBC blood table to make sure the numbers OK for the Chemo Treatment, they were. In addition, since I was dehydrated again, I also received at the end of the Chemo treatment 1 liter of hydration fluid. They are thinking that maybe I should get hydrated twice a week. We will see.

There is not much to tell about what happens during the chemo treatment, you sit in a recliner with the IV tube being connected to you via a port. Next you wait, reading a book, watch TV or doze off. When done you go home, for some it is only 1 hour treatment for others, it can take up to 6.5 hour, depending on the type of cancer and the tolerance of the patient’s body tolerance, the max flow rate.

Today I had Bob visit me during the treatment, he is also has Multiple Myeloma and so far has survived it for eight years. We met during both having treatment at the same time and Dianne introduced us. Since then, we have met for coffee and donuts. Bob is also changing to the Explicit (ELO) treatment since the DARA has run its course. We exchange some notes and talked about general topic related to our situation.

Before driving home, Dianne and I took detour to do some quick stop at Safeway. Returning home, I continued to rest, since all this walking, at Cancer Center, Safeway and home, took some energy out of me. I am also told to rest until the pain is gone or at least at an acceptable level. I most likely pushed the limits during my morning walking. It is time to listen to my body and only walk, if at all, a few blocks.

Getting back home, it was time to rest and start this blog entry, Dinner was not too far away either. After dinner, we watch some TV to relax before it was time to retire for the day.