2019-07-26 Living with Cancer Day 872

Today was the second day after Chemo Treatment day, which should have been based on based cycles should have been a very good day. However, like yesterday it turned out to be a so-so day, if not a bad day.

Getting up, I had the usual light dizziness, stomach ache, and sweating. Starting my upstairs with my morning routine the pain level of my shoulder and lower back pain increased to the point that I ad to rest for about 15 minutes before going downstairs.

Getting downstairs I had a light breakfast since my stomach was still a bit upset. I rested a bit before getting ready for my short walk with Dean. You may recall that we changed our routine to walk for no more than 5 minutes, using my walking sticks instead of the walker and the portable oxygen. Returning from the short walk, if I was out of breath after a 5 minutes rest, I would use oxygen, otherwise I would rest or do some light activities for no longer than 5 minutes. The idea is to allow my body to dictate what to do not my brain.

Today’s walk was ok, breathing wise, but my shoulder pain slowed me down a bit. Getting back home, I was just a little bit of breath, recovering before the 5-minute break and therefore no need for oxygen.

After about 30 minutes Dean and I went for a short shopping trip to Lowe’s, since we were there I picked up a small shelf I had thought about. I used one of the golf carts inside Lowe’s to not be restricted to the 5 minutes walking rule.

Getting back home, I rested for about 30 minutes before getting ready for my lunch with my ex-Premenos colleagues. Today every one showed up, we had a good lunch and good conversation. Shortly after they left I got a phone call from Harry at the East coast. I have worked with Harry for many years during our volunteer work on EDI standards, both domestic and internationally. It included travel to places we would never have gone by ourselves. We became good friends and pledged to keep in touch more frequently.

For the rest of the afternoon I rested to help my to lower my shoulder and back pain. I also started to work on this posting. I got it done before dinner. After dinner, we watched some TV to relax before it was time to retire for the day.