2019-08-01 Living with Cancer Day 876

Today could have been a good day, had it not been for having very little sleep. I again had Neuropathic pain feelings along my left leg from the toe to the hip, my right leg only had in on the complete foot. It started shortly after midnight and ended around 6:30 AM. Dianne put ice on my left leg and both feet around 5:00 AM. It first did not help to lower the pins and needles feeling, however about 30 minutes later it kicked in to lower the feeling by the time I got up at 6:45 AM. It was almost identical to the same Neuropathic pain feelings during yesterday’s Chemo Treatment.

Getting up, I had the usual light dizziness, stomach ache, but NO sweating. No issues during my upstairs morning routine, my Neuropathic pain feelings were no more on my left leg. The pins and needles feeling stayed for the rest of the day only on both feet, sometimes on both feet.

Getting downstairs I made myself a bagel with German Creamy Spreadable Honey and Dianne had prepared a Chamomile Vanilla Tea. After taking my morning tea and medication before 8:00 I also got dressed with my 55+ UV clothing by 8:30.

Dean and I went for our morning walk, without the portable Oxygen Compressor and all other stuff. We did the walk without any breathing issue. Normally we spend 5 minutes at the turning return point and at the corner of the Wolf and Deermeadow way of the steep inclined stop, not today. Today was not to go for a record, but to walk as I did in the hospital the last two days. It seems I can use the same way to walk with the walker at it is, no attachments. The only thing left to do is figure out when to increase the duration and the needed indicators from the body.

After getting home from the walk, I spend the rest of the day working on my laptop to integrate EveryNote with my other devices that are my iPhone. The various Amazon devices, the original Echo, Echo Dot, Echo Input, Echo Input, Echo Show, Fire Table, Fire TV Stick, I am sure I left one or two devices.

I kept Dianne company as she did some front and backyard grass cutting and edge trimming work in the early afternoon, continue with my laptop work. After returning inside, I stopped for about an hour to clean up my recliner Self unit and storage boxes. After that back to the EveryNote integration work, with Dinner in between prepared by Denise.

I ended this posting at 7:30 PM.