2019-08-03 Living with Cancer Day 878

Today was another good day, starting with a good night sleep. Being Saturday I slept in until 7:45. After my upstairs short morning routine, I went downstairs for some light breakfast Dianne had prepared. As to my health related issues, very little dizziness and no stomach issues. Even the sweating was very low. I felt good ready to go for my morning walk with Dean. Today’s walk was on a modified route that was a bit longer, 0.6 miles (ca. 1 km) in 30 minutes with an elevation of 13 feet (ca. 4 m). We did not want to set a record, but it turned out, walking the same speed, talking during the walk, no breathing issues and not stopping to rest, seems to be a sign of improvement. I did encounter afterwards a small problem, my calf muscles started to hurt after lunch, a sign that my muscles are starting to regenerate.

Getting back home from my walk I rested a bit, to see how my system reacted to today’s longer walk. The good news I did sweat a bit, but it lasted only a few minutes. On the breathing side, I was not out of breath.

Resting in my recliner, I stated to work on finding a way to collect all my vital and other health data to help in my recovery. I already use for years my Bluetooth Blood Pressure device. I added since then a Pulse Oximeter, Thermometer and Apple Watch. Apple’s Health app is a great way to collect the data from all those devices. Today I found another iPhone app, called Symple, that will help identify how my daily symptoms are. Each day records the symptoms at night, am, mid and pm.

In addition to working on the integration of all that data, I watched Dortmund beat Bayern in the German Super Cup. Today was a lazy day for me, spending much time in my recliner resting and working on my vital data collection. Starting with filling out the daily symptoms in the Symple app for the first three days in August.

In the mid-afternoon I got a surprise phone call from Paula Heilig (Agent 99). Paula got my contact info from Harry. The three of us used to travel and work together during our EDI volunteer work with X12 and UN/EDIFACT. It was nice to chat with her, it has been such a long time since we last had gotten together.

In summary, today was another good day, which ended after dinner and us watching some TV to relax before it was time to retire for the day.