2019-08-04 Living with Cancer Day 879

Today was a *GOOD day, no real issues getting up. After my upstairs morning routine I went downstairs having breakfast that Dianne had prepared. As to daily symptoms, I found an iPhone app that records my symptoms during the day. The day is broken down into 4 sections, Nite, AM, Mid and PM. It helps me when trying to figure out when I had what symptom and the level of it. There are 5 levels to select from for each symptom.

Using the data for today my Lower Back Pain went from mild (nite, am) to moderate (mid, pm). I am not going to list all the symptom’s data, but instead I will just list the ones that had a level larger than mild. Most of my pain location were at the moderate level, they were lower back pain, hip pain, muscle pain, neck pain, and shoulder pain. For me the moderate level of 5 on the 10 point scale used in hospitals, which means that the pain is acceptable but one should limit activates in order to raise the level.

As to my activities, we went to the movie to see Spiderman. Since we like to sit in the highest row, it took some energy to get up there. After the movie we went home for lunch and afterwards we watch other hood. For the rest of the afternoon I rested since my energy level was low. Because I dozed off a number of times, I did no computer work to ensure that my laptop did not fall off my lap.

Dinner time approached quickly, we started to watch some TV, but I just was not able to concentrate, I there went upstairs doing my evening routine, before I laid down on my bed to reduce my pain levels. That’s it for today.