2019-08-07 Living with Cancer Day 882

Today was almost identical to yesterday, another so-so day, no real issues getting up and going downstairs for breakfast. Like yesterday, I did start sweating a bit once I got downstairs. Since today is Chemo Infusion Day, I did not go for my morning walk, but instead I got ready for my appointment. For most of the day I will be in a recliner. My vitals were good and my pain locations were the shoulder/neck and the lower back region.

Before reporting about today’s activities, I need to mention that last night I was wearing a sleep test belt around my chest, with a finger sensor for Op2 and the Nasal Oxygen Cannula for the oxygen flow attached. I am not sure how good my sleep was, other than for the first time since 881 days the alarm had to wake me up.

Now as too today’s activities, the top two have been mention in detail above, what was left was to bridge the time until dinner. I used it to pay some bills.

There is not much more to report. Our day ended like all others in the past, watching some TV until it was time for us to call it a day.