2019-08-08 Living with Cancer Day 883

Today’s posting looks different as I started to use the application Day One to capture my activities. I have had this app for two years and forgot after my cancer announcement about it. Let me know what you think of it, maybe have suggestion what to remove or add.

Date:       2019 August 08, at 06:49:50 PDT
Weather:    61 °F Sunny
Location:   Antioch, CA, United States

Time to get up

Getting up to do my morning routine and to be ready for my morning walk with Dean. I am a bit lightheaded.

Now Downstairs

Light Sweating and signs of being out of breath.

Date:       2019 August 08, at 07:40:39 PDT
Weather:    61 °F Sunny
Location:   Antioch, CA, United States
Getting ready for our walk

Since getting downstairs I made my breakfast, took my medication and got ready for morning walk.

Date:       2019 August 08, at 08:06:52 PDT
Weather:    63 °F Sunny
Location:   Antioch, CA, United States
Starting my morning walk

For starters, I am still short of breath and now have some lower back pain.

Date:       2019 August 08, at 09:05:00 PDT
Weather:    66 °F Sunny
Location:   Antioch, CA, United States
Back home

Today’s walk was 0.7 miles (1.13 km) and it took us, Dean and me 34 Minutes and 15 seconds, no stops. I did not use the portable oxygen compressor since there was no need as my breathing had improved.

Getting back home I join Mary and Dean, across the street for a short chat about her new backyard.

Returning home, again, I rested for about 20 minutes before I cleaned up my storage area for the walker and portable oxygen compressor. It took some energy to do so.

After the rest we had a contractor come by to give us a quote on fixing our patio interlocking brick surface. After 27+ years it has started to have many areas lift up.

We had a quick lunch after the contractor left to get ready for our appointment with the Infectious Disease Doctor in Walnut Creek.

Date:       2019 August 08, at 12:17:53 PDT
Weather:    72 °F Sunny
Location:   1072 Slatten Ranch Rd, Antioch, CA, United States
Visiting the Infectious Disease Doctors Group (IDDG)

Dianne took me to the follow-up appointment with the IDDG to tell us the progress of getting rid of the spell fungus. We did a side trip to John Muir hospital to pick up a CD for Denise.

The IDG appointment was a good one. The trough was at level of 8.0 which is too high, it should be between 2 and 5. Also, the higher level introduces more toxins into the body. The antibiotic is responsible for my skin issues, she is switching me over to another antibiotic. Until the insurance authorization is received we will half of the current dosage, one pill instead of two.

Going home

On our way home, we stopped at a Jamba Juice for a treat, no medical reasons, just for fun. Another stop was to pickup my medications from the pharmacy.

Date:       2019 August 08, at 03:05:00 PDT
Weather:    66 °F Sunny
Location:   Antioch, CA, United States

We got home around mid-afternoon, enough time for me to rest before installing the software for the external SSD Drive to be used for daily overall night backups.

For dinner, we had something new, scrambled eggs with cheese, homemade pancakes and bacon. It was great, I would have it again any time. It is called breakfast for dinner.

The day ended as most of them, watching some TV until it was time to call it a day.