2019-08-10 Living with Cancer Day 885

Date:   2019 August 10, at 07:20:48 PDT
Weather:    68 °F Mostly Cloudy
Location:   Antioch, CA, United States

Getting up
Dieter, Carsten and Renée arrived late last night. I was already in bed, since after dinner, I had taken a shower which caused my system to be very low on energy.

Getting up I had some stomach aches and was a bit lightheaded. After finishing my morning routine, I went downstairs.

Date:   2019 August 10, at 07:52:34 PDT
Weather:    68 °F Mostly Cloudy
Location:   Antioch, CA, United States

Going downstairs
Getting downstairs I started to sweat, it was just a light sweat. Because of my stomach aches I only had some toast and herb tea. It was also time for my medication to be taken before 8:00, an hour before my antibiotics.

I rested for a bit until it was time for getting ready for my morning walk with Dean.

Date:   2019 August 10, at 08:30:42 PDT
Weather:    70 °F Mostly Sunny
Location:   Antioch, CA, United States

Going for our morning walk
It is 8:30 time and to go walking with Dean. Starting the walk I only have my pain from the spine surgery, my stomach has settled down and my dizziness is almost most gone.

We walked along the path between Deermeadow/Wolf Way and Wolverine Way, along Wolverine Way, turning left at the end back on Wolf Way on to Deermeadow Way where our home is.

Date:   2019 August 10, at 09:08:19 PDT
Weather:    72 °F Mostly Sunny
Location:   Antioch, CA, United States

Back home
We had a good walk, no use of oxygen only the walker. Today we walked 0.6 miles (ca. 1 km) in 25 minutes and 49 seconds at a pace of 46 minutes and 20 seconds, elevation gain was 16 ft (ca. 5 m). We noticed the heat increase having left 30 minutes later.

Got back home I rested a bit since the sun had taken over the last part of the walk causing an increase in the heat which affected me somewhat. After about 30 minutes I was back to what I call normal.

Denise, Dieter and Carsten left to visit a Gem Stone Show in Walnut Creek. Renée went to visit her sister and the new baby. That left Dianne and me alone.

Dianne started some garden work and I kept her company. It sounds like I am not doing much, normally I work on something, but today I needed to rest since my shoulder pain was not going down. Sitting outside and keeping Dianne company was what I needed.

Date:   2019 August 10, at 11:05:48 PDT
Weather:    79 °F Cloudy
Location:   Antioch, CA, United States

Before and after Lunch
Dieter, Denise and Carsten arrived around 11:00. Each of them did buy some gem stones. They already had an early lunch at Fuddruckers. Therefore, Dianne made for us a Black Forest Ham with Brie Cheese and Apple Slices on German Rye bread, in the cooked in a panini maker. It was great.

After our lunch break we went back to garden work, Dieter helped Dianne on a number of projects. Again I kept them company, resting to get my shoulder pain down.

Date:   2019 August 10, at 14:06:20 PDT
Weather:    84 °F Sunny
Location:   Antioch, CA, United States

Changing the front door lock
Thanks to Dieter’s help we replaced the front door key lock with an electronic keypad. I helped by providing the instructions and suggestions needed since the holes in the standard door seemed to be off a bit. We got it done.

What is left to do is to link it to the network. There are no written instructions for it. A mobile app is to be used, but installing it allows me to set up an account and the Master Key Code. No option on the home page that would come close to help with linking the electronic lock to the Wi-Fi bridge.

We stopped for now since both our backs were starting to hurt. I will need to check with their customer support or google for it.

Date:   2019 August 10, at 15:46:58 PDT
Weather:    82 °F Sunny
Location:   Antioch, CA, United States

Afternoon activities
Having over done it, with changing the front door lock, I needed to rest, which is what I finally did, watching some TV with Carsten. The program of choice was Sponge Bob Square Pants, I recommend this to any adult that needs to relax resting.

Date:   2019 August 10, at 17:05:58 PDT
Weather:    81 °F Sunny
Location:   Antioch, CA, United States

We had homemade gyros and a special dessert, Dieter’s favorite cake – A tres leches cake (Spanish: pastel de tres leches, torta de tres leches or bizcocho de tres leches), is a sponge cake—in some recipes, a butter cake—soaked in three kinds of milk: evaporated milk, condensed milk, and heavy cream.

The cake was from our local Mexican Super Store. We used it for Dieter’s Birthday cake a day early, that way we can have it for two days since it will not survive the drive back to LA.

Date:   2019 August 10, at 18:30:50 PDT
Location:   Antioch, CA, United States

Calling a day
After dinner, it was time to take my regular medication, which needs to be done before 7:00 pm to meet the medication time restitutions in time not to consume anything other than fluids.

We continued to watch some TV which allowed me to finally complete this posting and watch some more TV until it was time to call it a day.