2019-08-11 Living with Cancer Day 886

Date:   2019 August 11, at 06:05:28 PDT
Weather:    63 °F Sunny

Not a good start
I woke up with my stomach not feeling right. Besides the stomach feeling like having to vomit I was very dizzy. I closed my eyes hoping to get back to sleep.

Date:   2019 August 11, at 06:27:24 PDT
Weather:    64 °F Sunny

It did have to happened
Trying to get back to sleep did not work, instead I had to vomit. It started with some dry heaving before I had to vomit. After I was done I noticed that I had also some nose bleeding, which had stopped.

I went back to bed with my stomach still not feeling good and my dizziness still being there.

Date:   2019 August 11, at 10:07:50 PDT
Weather:    75 °F Sunny

Time to get up
My stomach has settled down enough to get up. The dizziness was still there at an elevated level, I just have to be careful when moving around. After getting my morning chores done, I went to fix the toilet in the upper bathroom room, downstairs.

I spent most of the morning trying to get my system back to normal. About an hour and a half before lunch, Dieter and Renée were asked to spend some time away from home so that Denise, Dianne and Carsten could setup a Robot Theme surprise for lunch.

Date:   2019 August 11, at 12:15:28 PDT
Weather:    81 °F Sunny

Birthday Lunch
Denise’s Robot Theme for Dieter‘s Birthday was a great hit. Dieter was surprise with all the details, such as sweet and sour strings as wires, M&M as memory cells, and sour cherry balls as ball bearing, only to mention a few. She did a great job, and we just ate too much.

Date:   2019 August 11, at 13:20:58 PDT
Weather:    84 °F Sunny

Installing an electronic door lock
After lunch Dieter continue to work on the second part of our new electronic door lock, linking it to my smart phone and Alexa. My task was to check the various instructions how to install and in some cases modify the door opening. We did get it all done by late afternoon.

It did not sound like I did much, but judging by my system I overdid it and needed to rest.

Date:   2019 August 11, at 17:34:43 PDT
Weather:    88 °F Sunny

Birthday Dinner
For dinner Dieter wanted Pizza. We ordered a few pizza, all having unique toppings. I stuck to my vegetable pizza. After dinner Dieter, Renée and Carsten went to start their way back home to Valencia and I worked on this blog entry dozing off many times.

Date:   2019 August 11, at 18:55:13 PDT
Weather:    88 °F Sunny

Finishing the day
I am just unable to concentrate on anything. Before going to bed I took my vitals and found out that I have a light fever of 100.6 F. I finished off my blog and went to bed taken two Tylenol.