2019-08-13/14 Living with Cancer Day 888/889

You may have noticed that I did not publish yesterday. The reason being, starting around lunchtime I was to fatigue to do anything as I constantly dosed of. This morning, after night with constant stomach cramps, Dianne took me to the cancer center for my chemo treatment. Drawing blood for a CBC to determine my premeds, it was found that I was at the limit of going ahead, but because of my stomach issues during the night and a high fever, I was told that I need to check in at John Muir’s ER because I have neutropenic fever, which the CC is not setup for.

That is where I am now. I am very fatigue and even typing this short note has taken some time as I dozed of two times writing it.

I will try to get back to my regular reporting after they find out what is causing this, or I am no longer dozing off for long periods.