2019-08-15/16/17 Living with Cancer Day 890/891/892

Let me start by saying I am back home. I got back from a 3-day stay at John Muir Hospital in Concord. I had a 102.4 F fever the night before my chemo treatment and my CBC numbers just before starting the infusion were too low, so they send me to the ER.

Because of having also stomach cramps the last 24 hours and my past history, finding the fungus in my lung, and lack of energy being in a fatigue state, I was admitted and as a precaution isolated under Neutropenic status. They took a lot of blood some for running some culture tests and other regulars tests, such as the CBC test. I was also given some new antibiotics, this time for bacterial type of infections.

I also had a chest X-Ray and CT scan with contrast fluid. CT showed pneumonia which they are treating with another antibiotic. The fungus did not get larger.

However, my blood pressure suddenly was high, it turned out that my blood pressure medication was not given as a precaution of possible shock because of the new medication. The blood pressure medication now back since being admitted. However, for now I am not to take the baby aspirin until my platelet count rises.

By Friday, it was determined that all culture tests were negative and my CBC numbers slowly improved there was no need to stay in the hospital. I was prescribed a broad spectrum antibiotics pill. I was released Friday afternoon and got home just before dinner.

Today I rested for most part of the day. I did walk with Dean in the early morning which was ok for the first 2/3 of our normal route. On the last part I had to stop a few times as my shoulder and back pain were starting to hurt more. Close to lunch I help Dianne with a leaking water hose connection, which drained the little bit of energy I had. So went back to rest.

The good news, I had a good Saturday without major stomach and body pains that normally are so bad that I can’t do anything.

That is it for today. I will be back to my daily posting starting tomorrow.