2019-08-18 Living with Cancer Day 893

Date: 2019 August 18, at 07:54:32 PDT, Weather: 63 °F Sunny

Getting up

Being Sunday I slept in. Getting up I quickly got upstairs routine behind me and went downstairs for breakfast to meet the time constrains for taking the antibiotics on time. Since leaving the hospital I take three different antibiotics, two for the fungus the other is a broad spectrum bacterial one to cover what ever caused my high fever.

Date: 2019 August 18, at 08:25:31 PDT, Weather: 64 °F Sunny

Back Downstairs

After breakfast and the pills, Dianne cut my hair, I don’t have much, but it does grow like a wheat and looks rather shaggy when it gets longer than 0.5 inch (1.27 cm) long. Dianne cuts it down to less than 0.25 inch (6.35 mm), which looks good.

I went inside, after the hair cutting, to rest since my right shoulder has been acting up since getting on. Dianne and Denise went shopping at Lowes for some glass material to convert our old outdoor fountain into a decorative art piece.

Date: 2019 August 18, at 11:39:25 PDT, Weather: 81 °F Sunny


As lunch was approaching. However, in addition to my shoulder pain, suddenly my right hip started to hurt. Trying to walk was very painful, so I rested again, hoping the pain levels would drop as time went by.

Date: 2019 August 18, at 16:40:37 PDT, Weather: 86 °F Sunny


My appetite for dinner was not that big, but I did eat enough including some dessert making sure my stomach did not start acting up. We watch some TV as we normally do after dinner until it is time to call it a day.

The good news, the weekend was without major health related problem, such as uncontrollable stomach issues, total lack of power, fatigue instead, and being dehydrated.