2019-08-20 Living with Cancer Day 895

Date: 2019 August 20, at 07:01:59 PDT, Weather: 63 °F Sunny

Getting Up

I am up a bit early to be available to the workers that are there to receive the cement for our patio, replacing the 28-year old interlocking bricks that have started to move up creating a walking hazard.

Getting downstairs I had some brain flakes for breakfast since my stomach was a bit off. I also decided not to walk since my hip pain flared up last night and still has not 100% recover.

Date: 2019 August 20, at 09:18:06 PDT, Weather: 70 °F Sunny

Resting until Lunch

After having taken my antibiotics at 9:00 I rested for most of the time. I did have a FaceTime call with Hannelore and Peter in Germany for about 30 minutes. Hannelore was in some pain when the screen first open, the reason being that she has a broken disc in her back, which limits her movements for quite some time.

My resting was more of watching some TV for about 45 minutes, followed with getting out of the recliner and walking around for about 5 minutes, the time my lower back started to hurt.

The other task I fulfilled was to take some pictures of the progress on the concrete work for Dianne.

Date: 2019 August 20, at 11:56:07 PDT, Weather: 79 °F Sunny

Lunch Time

Not much to write about, I had from Healthy Choice a Sesame Chicken with Rice lunch box. Five minutes in the microwave and you have a great lunch. Their selection is great. After that I rested for a bit. Dean came over to check on the progress of the concrete work.

Since the smoothing of the concrete surface was still to be done and would take about 1 to 2 hours, the plan for Dean and me to go to Kaiser for Dean’s Glasses and after that to Costco and maybe Sam’ Club for BodyArmor and water. Instead, I stayed home resting and Dean worked on his fence.

Date: 2019 August 20, at 15:16:29 PDT, Weather: 82 °F Sunny

Doing some shopping

Guess what, Dianne came home around 3:00 and Dean came across the street for a chat. I ended up with me joining Dean to go to Kaiser to pick something up before going to Harbor Freight to get some paint brushes. By the time we got back it was dinner time.

Date: 2019 August 20, at 18:30:23 PDT, Weather: 79 °F Sunny

Dinner and calling it a Day

After getting back home from the short shopping trip, It was almost dinner time. We had Marinated Chicken with Asparagus and Polenta. For dessert, it was watermelon. After that we watched some TV and getting ready to call it a day.