2019-08-21 Living with Cancer Day 896

Date: 2019 August 21, at 06:35:04 PDT, Weather: 63 °F Clear

I got up a bit earlier to be ready for my Chemo treatment to day. After doing my upstairs routine I went downstairs. I did have some light sweating, something that had disappeared since coming back from the hospital. I had bagel with cream cheese for breakfast. After that I took my regular morning medication before resting for a bit.

After my short rest I started to put together my electronic stuff, laptop, power adapters and cables for iPhone and Laptop. In addition, I got some snacks for Dianne and me. Dianne took my medication for 9:00 and lunch. It was time to leave.

Date: 2019 August 21, at 09:15:28 PDT, Weather: 77 °F Sunny

Dianne took me to the cancer center for my chemo treatment. Today was the last weekly treatment of the Empliciti (ELO), from now on I will go every 28 days. Last week the treatment was not started because my platelets and white blood cell counts were low, and instead I was sent to the ER instead. My CBC numbers were very good today.

Because of the gap between treatment 7 and 8, the dosage for ELO was increased a bit. In addition to the premeds I also received my dosage of Zometa, which is administered every 28 days, and 1 liter of fluid for Hydration.

I had a visitor during for an hour before lunch. Bob, who also has MM, came by for a chat. He will ELO soon after some radiation treatment. He has been in treatment for the last 8 years.

For lunch, I had a meal from Health Choice, Vegetables with Quinoa, that Dianne warmed up in the microwave. It was rather good.

Date: 2019 August 21, at 15:33:10 PDT, Weather: 95 °F Sunny

After the treatment we went back home. Dianne spend time outside looking after the new concrete patio which has to be water 2 to 3 times a day for 1 to 2 weeks. I unpacked my electronics stuff and watch the end of an episode of Mindhunter. Dianne came back in just after I was done with watching Mindhunter. She asked me to find a movie for tonight, we agreed on Wine Country.

Dianne also gave me the revised schedule for my treatment. I will start my chemo pill, Pomalyst again, and my rest monthly Chemo treatment will be 18th September. As to hydration, it will be every Tuesdays on weeks without treatment and Tuesdays and Fridays on weeks with treatment.

Date: 2019 August 21, at 17:36:58 PDT, Weather: 93 °F Sunny

After Denise came home, Dianne and her prepared some Pizzas using a Cauliflower bottom from Trader Joe’s. We had tomato sauce, fresh basil and mozzarella cheese, it was surprisingly very good. For desert, we had rice pudding. After that we watched some the movie Wine Country on TV and getting ready to call it a day.