2019-08-22/23/24 Living with Cancer Day 897/898/899

Quick note to let you know that I am OK. The reason for not having posted for the last three days was that we were very busy. On the positive side, my pain and discomfort levels were low enough for me to be more active than ever. Added to that, that my test results were also very good, including the antibiotic treatment numbers got were they are to be between 2 and 5, which with 3.7 is perfect, instead of 8.2. All this together gave me the energy for the last three days to be a bit more active.

On Thursday morning, after a short walk, Dean and I went to test drive a Hyundai Kona Ultimate. Dianne was driving our 1995 Chevy Astro Van since she traded in our Caviler and Jetta for the Accent, with me being in the hospital diagnosed with cancer.

Long story short, by Thursday evening, we traded in the van for a Hyundai Kona Ultimate. They did not have the colors we wanted a Chalk White/Gray Leather. We agreed finally to go for Thunder Gray with Black Leather with Lime Accents. Since that color was not on their lot, we had to wait until Saturday.

On Friday, 23rd August, I went for hydration to be ahead and preventing for my system to crash. Wednesday was my last weekly treatment day, I am now on monthly (28 day) treatment cycles. To ensure I am hydrated, I will go every Tuesday and for hydration.

After the hydration, my Premenos co-workers came for our Friday lunching. They helped with moving our heavy outside table back on the new concrete patio. The rest of the afternoon was spent wetting the concrete and getting things back on to the patio.

Today, after walking with Dean and doing afterwards some shopping for hardware and paint, we had lunch. I rested for a bit before Dianne and I went to Concord to pick up our new Hyundai Kona Ultimate. We had not seen the exterior color on any car on the lot. As it turns out it is rather metallic, looking different from any angle. We do like it, as well as it drives. With all its regular and special safety features, it will take some time to figure it all out.

That it is for a quick update for the last three days. I will try to get back on a daily posting routine as soon as possible.

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  1. Klaus, so good to hear you’re doing better. I’ll try to call you soon.

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