2019-08-25/26/27/28 Living with Cancer Day 900/901/902/903

The craziness has continued for another 4 days. It started off on the good side. I was active helping Dianne in the garden for most of the day, however, late afternoon my system broke down again, so bad Dianne took back to the hospital. It turned out I was dehydrated again, so on Monday after a good deal of blood test, X-Ray of chest, I got hydrated and scheduled for a blood transfusion, after I was ready to be discharged.

Because the blood was order around noon, and the need to extra prepared thanks to the chemo antibodies, it would not arrive until midnight. Therefore, I was discharged without the blood transfusing, however the paperwork was done for me to return tomorrow as a Short Stay Patient. We returned early the next day (Tuesday) to receive the blood transfusion, with the hope it would take only a few hours, leaving for home around noon. We were wrong because I had a fever they did hydration, blood cultures so the blood transfusion did not start until 1:00 PM. We finally left for home at 4:30 PM.

Today was a good day. I watered the new patio surface, had a short walk, went with Dean back to the hospital to pick up something we forgot to take with us yesterday, stop by the car dealer to exchange the car manuals, did some grocery shopping at Food Co and Sam’s Club and finally had a light lunch at Wendy’s before going home.

I had a short rest before Dianne picked me up for my appointment with my oncology doctor. It was a very interesting meeting since we actually finally tried to address how the symptom started instead of just find a way to treat it to go away. One of the new opportunities we identified is that the dehydrated is linked to a possible infection that has not be fund and therefore treated. The reason for this finding is the fact that all my small cuts suddenly show a red ring that gets larger every day now. It was ignored until now. As a result this, my doctor and Dianne have started to schedule appointments with the doctors that can provide us with the answers and how to fix it.