2019-09-06 Quick Update

Quick Update that I am still alive. Having gone through a period of bad and good days, with the bad having be in the majority, I had little time to do my daily blogging. Most time was spent either having to catch up with work that was to be done during the bad days, or having treatment days and new specially doctor’s appointments in an effort to figure out some new symptoms (side effects) treatment. Starting tomorrow, Dianne will be able to administer Hydration for me each day thanks to Sutter Health Home Care Services. This will be a great time saver.

More on that as I hope to resume my daily Living with Cancer blogging.

One thought on “2019-09-06 Quick Update

  1. Klaus,

    So glad that Dianne can administer the hydration. That should help a lot. I look forward to your daily blog and keep praying for you.

    Best always,


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