2019-09-09 Living with Cancer Day 915

I am sorry for not having blogged the last few weeks, but things were are a bit hectic with spending 5 weekends in the hospital only to be told they found nothing other than I needed hydration, which takes between 3 and 4 hours for 2 Liters. It was frustrating spending all the time in a hospital. In addition to the hospital stays there were doctors appointment, additional hydration sessions at the local cancer center and lap draws. The only good news, my last weekly chemo treatment was on the 21 August. I am now on a monthly (28 days) cycle, the first one will be the 18th September.

I got up and ready around 7:30 for my walk with Dean. I still was having stomach cramps and lightheadedness. My vitals were, Blood Pressure 142/81 Pulse 58, temperature 98.2F, and blood oxygen saturation (SpO2) 97%. My temperature drop from 99.1F around 5:00 AM, however by the time I walked and for the rest of the day it started around 99.1 and ended around 99.9F.

The weather during the walk and afterwards was rather cold and windy, therefore I did not do too much outside activities. For the last week I have a pain below my right hip that shows up about a few minutes after starting to walk. It gets so strong that I have to stop, at which time the pain stops as well. I will have to report this on Wednesday to my Oncology doctor during my followup meeting.

I rested after my morning walk and cleaning up some stuff to be ready to watch Germany beat Northern Ireland 2:0 in the Euro 2020 Qualifier.

Around 3:30 PM Dianne came home and setup my hydration, now that we can do it ourselves, thanks to Sutter Home Health Services, my schedule got less complicated. It takes about 2 hours for 1 liter, and we do it everyday just before dinner.

For dinner Denise got me a Southwest BBQ Chicken from The Habit. It was an excellent salad. I still have some light stomach pain, even with the dessert, but it was OK. We watch some TV as we normally do after dinner until it is time to call it a day.

The good news, since having my hydration at home there have been no major health related problem, such as total lack of power but fatigue instead, and being dehydrated.