2019-09-10 Living with Cancer Day 916

Today was a so-so day. My day started off around 7:30 getting ready for my walk with Dean. I still have some stomach cramps and lightheadedness, which are less than yesterday. My vitals were, Blood Pressure 131/79 Pulse 57 and a temperature of 98.1F. By 4:00 PM the temperature has risen to 99.1F and stayed around for the rest of the day.

Moving around during the day was still a problem as the pain below my right hip, possible muscle pain, made it difficult to walk. The pain disperses when sitting down or resting in the recliner. As I mention yesterday, I will have to report this tomorrow to my Oncology doctor during my followup meeting.

There is not much to report for today. After our walk, Dean spend some time in our garage to make some adjustment to my walker. After talking for some time, Dean went home and I called Hannelore via FaceTime in Germany. We chatted about our illnesses, the weather and other popular topics that we both share. After my call with Hannelore I watch the Apple Speculate Event on Apple TV. It was mainly about the new Apple Watch 5, which has no real hardware changes. The main changes are in new health related apps. The other topic was iPhone 11 (Pro and Pro MAX). The emphasis was on the camera features, which has driven the price above $1099, way too much for me.

After lunch, which I had outside, I continued to spend an hour outside. Getting back inside I rested since I still have some stomach cramps and lightheadedness. I did not go to attend the Cancer Support Group because of the pain. I hope to do so next week.

Dianne got home at mid-afternoon to set up the hydration for me, which overall takes a bit over 2 hours. Checking my temperature at that time it as risen to 99.1F and stayed that way even after dinner.

This later afternoon the Sleep Apnea equipment arrived. I will not be using tonight since we have the setup best done during daylight and also need some items not supplied, such as distilled water. We will have it setup soon, ready to use.

After dinner, I still have some light stomach pain, even with the dessert, but it was OK. We watch some TV as we normally do after dinner until it is time to call it a day.

The good news, since having my hydration at home there have been no major health related problem, such as total lack of power but fatigue instead, and being dehydrated.