2019-09-11 Living with Cancer Day 917

Today was a bad day. My day started off with stomach cramps, lightheadedness, and a light fever. In additions, I started to encounter heavy periods of sweating that lasted anywhere from 15 to 60 minutes. My vitals were, Blood Pressure 137/78 Pulse 62 and a temperature of 99.1F. Because of the high temperature, stomach cramps, sweating and lightheadedness I skip walking today, which as it turns our was not a bad decision. As I started to walk around inside the problem with the pain below my right hip, possible muscle pain, made it difficult to walk. The pain disperses when sitting down or resting in the recliner.

There is not much to report for today. I spend most of the time resting, sometimes dozing off for 15-20 minutes. I got up every hour walking around until the hip pain started up. Dianne pick me up at mid-afternoon to go to a followup appointment with my oncology doctor and a blood draw. The CBC numbers looked better. As to the hip pain, she ordered a PET/CT to see if there is any activity in those areas. For now, she continuous to stop the chemo pill (Pomalyst) which had driven down the platelet count.

As to the sweating, she wants me to try Amitriptyline, an antidepressant. Since it is a drug in the Neurology area used for depression I want a second option is it helping with reducing sweating but at the same time does deal with depression, last I need is a drug that affects treat my depression, which I don’t have.

Getting back home Dianne setup the hydration, temperature has dropped to 98.4F and stayed that way even after dinner.

After dinner, I still have some light stomach pain, even with the dessert, but it was OK. We watch some TV as we normally do after dinner until it is time to call it a day.