2019-09-12 Living with Cancer Day 918

Today was a better so-so day. It started off with getting up early at 6:30 for Dean take me Quest Laboratory at 7:45 for the trough test at 8:00. My vitals at that time were BP 114/75 P90, Temp 98.9. I was done with Quest by 8:15, and we went to Denny’s for breakfast, we got back home just before 9:00 for my antibiotics. My vitals at that time were BP 122/70 P78, Temp 99.1, by early afternoon it was back down to 98.8F.

Again there is not much to report for today. Like yesterday, I spend most of the time resting, however no dozing off today. Maybe because I was busy to be able to do things from my recliner, such as figuring out which of the two tripods would be the best, it turns out the Manfrotto 3401 by Bogen, Denise got during her Academy of Arts University days. It is very heavy but what is needed being outside to use for Deans and my fishing/landscape moving ones the week.

I had a short FaceTime call with Ray catching up on our health issue, internationally football games played the last two weeks, and our favorite club teams who’s the new season had just started. BTW, we call football the game played with your feet, whereas US football is internationally called US Football. After Ray’s call and just during lunch, Don called for a long FaceTime call taking about my medication, his current health status and some other family information.

By the time our call ended, Dianne got home and setup the hydration, temperature had dropped to 98.4F and stayed that way even after dinner.

After dinner, I still have some light stomach pain, even with the dessert, but it was OK. We watch some TV as we normally do after dinner until it is time to call it a day.