2019-09-13 Living with Cancer Day 919

Today was another so-so day. It started off with getting up at my regular time, 7:15 to be ready at 8:30 for my morning walk. My vitals at that time were BP 115/74 P65, Temp 97.5. I had for breakfast the left over half of yesterday’s breakfast from Denny’s. It was something Dianne and I have been doing for sometime, split our breakfasts in half, since it is just too much, even the senior 55+ sizes. I was ready at 8:30 for my walk with Dean, but it tired out he slept in, we therefore started our walk at 8:45.

Again there is not much to report. After returning from our walk, I change clothing, and we went back out for a quick shopping trip to Harbor Freight, Dean needed a magnetic drill bit holder. Before returning home, we did a small detour looking at some local off shore fishing places for our first fishing and photography trip next week. We did not want to go across the Antioch Bridge on 160, in case we did not like doing the fishing/landscape photography idea. We still have a number of weeks before it gets to cold for spending 3-4 hours on the water.

Getting back home, I got ready for the Friday ex-Premenos Lunch at my place. After some confusion yesterday, if Bill was able to come or not, it turned out he could join Greg and me in person, with Larry being on FaceTime. Good news about Larry maybe being able to join us next week, with his wife driving. That would be great.

Bill and Greg had their guitars with them, as it turned out Greg just got a new one that is the same model that Bill for many, many years ago. After lunch, they were comparing it, and Greg needed some advice regarding about a possible flaw and should he returned it or not. BTW, Greg’s guitar had some electronic pickup inside the body, both being acoustic guitars. It turns out Bill did not think there was anything wrong, we enjoyed Bill played some cover songs as he tried out Greg’s model and later his. Greg also played some music, not bad for someone that started a few years ago,

After they left I started to figure out the sleep apnea equipment that arrived yesterday. The DVD to be used was a bit confusing, so I just used the accommodating manuals for the various parts of the system and everything became easy. I still have to do a lot of online downloading of apps for the laptop and iPhone before I can use it. Will do that tomorrow as time is running out, since the Home Care Nurse is dropping by today to replace the needle in my Port before starting another hydration session today.

After dinner, we had some the dessert watching some TV until it is time to call it a day.