2019-09-14 Living with Cancer Day 920

Today was not a bad day. It started off with getting up at my regular time, 7:15 to be ready at 8:30 for my morning walk with Dean. Today’s walk was a bit longer, something that has not happened over the last few days. The increase is only about 5 minutes, but that is better than nothing. However, getting back inside, I did feel that my back pain had increased since I started the walk. It took me about 15 minutes to get the pain level back down.

I had time to rest and watch the soccer game Bayern against Leipzig (Red Bull) which ended in a 1:1 draw. Leipzig stayed in 1st place and Bayern dropped to 3rd with 2 points behind, while Dortmund moved to 2nd with 1 point behind. It looks like this season there will be a no runaway, at least 3 teams will be battling it out.

Denise took us out for lunch at the Habit. Afterward we visited Home Goods and T.J. Max. I started to have issues walking as my lower back was starting to hurt. I therefore sat in one of their chairs until it was time to leave. Our last stop was at Brentwood Outdoor Living. I ended up testing at least five great lawn chairs. The purpose of our visit was to get some new chair covers for our patio furniture, however they don’t sell them here.

Getting back home, Dianne setup my hydration a bit earlier, so that we did not have to rush around dinner time. As to my health problem, resting did help with my back pain getting better, however slowly my hip pain started to show up when I was walking around and my stomach was a bit on the grumbling side.

The good news, today was not a bad day, which seems to have been in the past few weeks each weekend. Let’s see how tomorrow turns out.

After dinner, we had some the dessert watching some TV until it is time to call it a day.