2019-09-15 Living with Cancer Day 921

Today was good day. It started with me with getting up at 7:45 to be ready for my morning breakfast and regular medication before 8:00 – 8:15. After breakfast, I can’t eat anything until 9:00 – 9:15, which is the time slot to take my antibiotics. After having taken my antibiotics I am able to eat again. Being Sunday, I did not go out for a walk, I made up for this later during the day. I rested, getting the sleep apnea setup ready for later this evening.

At 11:00 we all left to go to the Brentwood AMC theater to watch “Angel has Fallen”. The movie started at 11:45 and was done around 14:00 (2:00 PM). At home Dianne and Denise connected me to my hydration system. For the next 2 hours my movements were restricted, I therefore stayed in my recliner and sorted out my Sleep Therapy setup to test after my hydration treatment was done.

I started my sleep therapy setup test right after dinner. The mask fit perfectly, but for some reason the airflow generated some pain inside the nose, not where any equipment parts are touching, only where the airflow was touching inside areas of my nose. I took off some pressure holding the mask in place, it first felt like the pain was gone, but about 15 minutes later the pain was back. I guess I have to see how this is working out tonight for my first over-night use of the equipment.

The good news, today was GOOD day, this weekend turned out to be the first weekend in a long time with no cancer related health issues that turned the day, weekend, into a bad day. Let’s see what the start of a new week tomorrow will bring.