2019-09-16 Living with Cancer Day 922

Today was another good day. I got up at 7:45, my regular time, and had my morning breakfast and regular medication before 8:00. Just as I was getting ready for my walk with Dean at 8:30, it started to rain. Calling Dean, we agreed to wait until 9:00 to see if the rain ad stopped. It turned out the rain had started just before 9:00 and lasted for another 15 minutes. Having watch the weather channel, the weather was about to change to thunderstorms. We decided to stay home for today, not taking a chance of another rain period and/or Thunderstorms.

Around 9:30, I had a FaceTime call with Ray, we talked for about 40 minutes touching on Football (Bundesliga, Premier League, UEFA, and our National Teams), European and US politics. Since Dianne wants for our new Hyundai’s back window the Apple decal put on, I went to my office upstairs, looking for it. I decided to do some cleaning up (out) of three drawers that contain stuff from way back. By the time I was done it was lunchtime.

Getting back downstairs, my lower back and shoulder pain were back, it did not take long and for my hip problem showed up as well. I was able to reheat my leftover lunch from yesterday before finally resting in my recliner to get the pain under control. I used the rest time to work on the start of this posting, but had to battle a bit with my system that wanted me to doze off. After Dianne came home and did get some garden work done, she hooked me up for hydration.

Just before dinner time I got a call from Paula, an ex-standards participants within X12 and UN/EDIFACT. She wanted to know how I was and anything I may have not put in to my blog for space- and/or time. We had a good conversation. Paula, Thanks!!!

The good news, today was another GOOD day, in addition to having a good weekend, today, Monday, was also a good day, which normally is not the case. The next 3 days will be busy with treatments, PET/CT and doctor appointment.