2019-09-17 Living with Cancer Day 923

Today was *** not a good*** day. I had to get up very early for my 7:00 whole body PET/CT. The procedure starts with me being injected a radiated sugar solution. After that I have to wait about an hour for the solution to spread through my body. Finally, I get to lie down on the PET/CT slap, get position right. Since the room is very cold, I am covered in layers of blankets. The whole scan took about an hour. By the time I got back home almost 3 hours have gone by. Lying on that slap for an hour with very little cushioning was not good for my neck, shoulder and back. In addition, my stomach started to act up, I therefore decided to go back to bed and have a sleep until noon.

I got up at noon and went downstairs to warm up some left over pasta for lunch. I still did not feel good as my shoulder and lower back still hurt. Resting in my recliner did help a bit, but I also started to doze on and off, missing most of the Dortmund vs Barcelona UEFA Championship Game, which ended in a 0:0 draw. Shortly after the game Dianne came home and started with setting up my hydration. The resting has lowered my back pain, but my neck and shoulder pain has gone only marginally down.

I started to work on today’s blog about an hour before dinner, and finished it after dinners. I also took my vitals after dinner which turned out to be not to good, they were Temp. 100.6F, BP 107/61 P 69. Since the BP is above 100, we don’t have to check in with anyone for now. We will continue to check my vitals until about 9:00 PM before I go to sleep.

The good news, today was NOT GOOD day, but it was not a very bad day either. Overall it was the pain which was trigger at the start of the day by the PET/CT process. Tomorrow is a treatment day, the first of phase 3, with is every 28 days. We will see what the numbers will tell us then.