2019-09-19 Living with Cancer Day 925

Today was a good day. I got up at my normal time up to do my morning routine and to be ready for my morning walk with Dean. I was a bit lightheaded and had almost no stomach issues, instead I started to sweating. My morning vitals were: BP 116/70 P 90, Temperature 98.1F.

By the time I was done with my morning chores my head was just covered in sweat, so was the towel around my neck. I went downstairs to rest a bit and since I was ahead of my time, I called Dean to see if we could start 15 minutes earlier. I only got his answering mailbox. I made my breakfast and cleaned up my corner waiting for the bell to tell me that my breakfast was ready.

I eat my breakfast took my morning medication and got ready for morning walk. Just then Dean called me to let me know that he was not feeling well and since he was resting he would not be able to join me this morning. Since I do not walk alone I stayed home, which gave some extra time to get to my appointment with the Infectious Disease Doctor.

Overall my fungus has been reduced 80-90% yesterday day’s PET/CT showed, all that is left a smudge in the left lower lung, which is active but not multiplying and should soon inactive. There are no more single small groups in the either lung. The bad news, once the smudge has gone resilient, I will continue taking antibiotics to ensure the fungus does not come back.

Since it was lunchtime when our visit was over, we stopped at Panera for a small lunch. We both had 1/2 of a sandwich and 1/2 of soup. Getting back home, Dianne setup me up with my hydration system, which drips for 2 hours and limits some of my activities. I used that time started to prepare my camera equipment for next weeks possible fishing/photography outing on Wednesday.

By the time I was done with the hydration it was close to dinner time. I cleaned up my mess I made during the camera preparation and started on this article it was dinner time. We spend the rest of the evening watching TV before calling it a day.