2019-09-20 Living with Cancer Day 926

Today was not a good day. I got up at my normal time up to do my morning routine. I was having some light dizziness, stomach cramps and shoulder/neck pains. Everything else was fine. I had a light breakfast and was ready for my morning walk with Dean. My vitals at start of day were: BP 152/89 P73, T 97.7F. The Blood Pressure was a bit high, so I check again just before my morning walk, this time it was: BP 155/93 P 83, T 98.2F, which was even higher.

I went with Dean for our morning walk which was without any real problems. There was no shortness of air and my dizziness and stomach cramps were gone, however my shoulder/neck pain was at a very high level at the end of the walk. Getting back inside, I changed my top and put away the walking equipment to be ready for resting in my recliner.

Just about that time I all of a sudden my stomach cramps started up again and reached a very high pain level, so high that I was not able to get up and out of my recliner. I therefore stayed in it and change it to the almost flat position. I dozed off for about an hour, by which time the cramps were almost gone.

Since it was about 45 minutes before the lunch with my ex-Premenos colleges, I started to get up and after looking in the pantry I decided to make me a tomato small pasta soup. Just as I was about to start, my stomach pain was back, so serve I could not move. It took me a good two minutes, with great pains to get back into my recliner.

Once in the recliner, the first thing I did, was to send off a text to my lunch visitors that I had to cancel the lunch. They were very understanding. I again used the recliner’s flat position to dozed off for a bit. It turned out I rested dozing or about 2 hours. Waking up the stomach pains were gone, I still have a those shoulder pains, but they were at a lower rate. I got up and made me a toast to have something in my stomach. The toast seemed to do some good as my stomach seemed to have settled down.

Dianne came home about the time I was done with eating my toast. She started to set up things for today’s hydration which was with the Home Health Nurse to change my needle on my port. Something to be done every week. She got clearance to teach Dianne to take the needle out. The reason being, that after Thursday’s hydration, the needle would be removed, allowing me to have a better shower Thursday night and more freedom for Friday morning before the Nurse would come by Friday afternoon to insert a new needle and the Hydration fluid. Dianne past the test with flying colors.

The Nurse continued with taking my Vitals (T=98.1F, BP=118/70 P=74, SpO2=97% P=74) and checking my heart and lungs, which were clear. After she left I started to work on today’s posting. I was done with the hydration about 10 minutes before Denise came home with salads. We spend the rest of the evening watching TV before calling it a day. My final vitals were, T=98.4, BP=122/70 P=72, which were in good range.